Tim Hogarth (TV Presenter)

Tim Hogarth (TV Presenter)

About Tim Hogarth (TV Presenter)

Tim Hogarth was born in June 1967 in Keighly West Yorkshire brought up in the village of Haworth famous for being the home of The Bronte sisters. Tim developed a keen interest in history & antiques from a very young age attending local jumble sales then progressing to Flea markets & antique fairs. On leaving school Tim worked for a local factory until he saved enough money to start his own antique business. First doing markets he quickly moved to antique fairs and then opened a shop in Haworth.

With a wide and general knowledge of his trade, Tim began at 21 to go to London selling antiques in Covent Garden market portobello Bermondsey. Where he became a firm fixture on the art antique scene in London selling to an international client base including many celebrity customers inc Ralph Lauren Valentino, princess Margret to name a few. Tim met and married his wife Nicola Through the antique business they married in 1995 and had there only child a girl Hester in 2001.

In 2006 Tim was approached to be Contributing dealer on a new tv show called Dickinson’s real deal, From its inception, the show became a huge hit with viewers of all ages from across the world. Tim became a firm favourite on the show with his Yorkshire humour and banter with the public and the shows host David Dickinson who named him the gold finger !! David also does a rather good impersonation of our Timmy! The comedian Joe Longthorne also inc Timmy in his spoof of the Real deal playing heavily on timmys Catchphrase I can’t! 

On the success of the real deal, ITV created a spin-off show Secret Dealers with a number of real deal dealers. After the pilot show, ITV dropped the Presenter and The 7 most popular dealers were made the stars of the show taking over the presenter roles. With the new tiles, the show became a huge success being nominated for the best daytime show at the RoyalTelevision awards. The show became a huge success in Australia and like DRD was shown Around the world. In 2015 Tim began to write his first Book The Dazzling lady Docker a biography of the infamous 1950s Socialite and spendthrift who to date is the only person ever to be Banned from Monaco. The book became a bestseller and Featured heavily in numerous publications inc Tatler & Daily Mail.

Tim continues to work in tv on Dickinson’s real deal and guest slots on other shows inc celebrity road trip, public speaking auctioneer etc Tim has throughout his tv career continued to run a hugely successful antiques business inc retail outlets he added to his portfolio the prestigious Red House antiques centre in York. Tim lives between homes in Yorkshire & Scotland is working on his follow up book his varied interest inc art antiques architectural history Old Hollywood horticulture.