British voiceover artist

An accomplished full-time voice actor and audiobook narrator with 5 years of experience.

RJ’s voice has been described by peers as a ‘well-weighted baritone, balanced & deep at the same time.’

Natually he’s got a mild Yorkshire lilt that’s trustworthy and relatable. He’s extremely adaptable however and capable of many convincing accents, or anything you throw at him really.

RJ’s broadcast quality studio consists of a fully acoustically treated room, RØDE NT-1A microphone, Reaper digital audio workstation and Izotope RX7 for clean-up and mastering for that high end sound.

So far he’s narrated over 40 audiobooks with more currently in production. As a VO he’s been the voice of brands such as Nickelodeon, Johnson and Johnson, Network Rail, Aegon, Accord and more.

He’s friendly, reliable, professional, takes direction well and always makes sure you’re happy with your narration.

He maintains he’s not trying to ruin his own career by deafening himself with heavy metal on his dog walks.


Audiobook Narrator

  • Naked Eye – by Paul Kane, Encyclopocalypse (in production)
  • We Men of Ash and Shadow – by HL Tinsley (in production)
  • The Midnight Creeps – by Jeff Medeiros, Audiobook Network (in production)
  • The War of the Worlds – by H.G. Wells, Bayley’s Bookshelf season 1 podcast
  • They’re Watching – by Michael David Wilson and Bob Pastorella, This is Horror
  • From Something Old – by Nick Alexander, Brilliance Audio (co-narrated with Nicola Barber and Emily O’Brien) 
  • A Ritual of Flesh: The Dead Sagas, Book 2 – by Lee C Conley, Wolves of Valour Publications
  • An Unconventional Holmes: Three Unconventional Cases – by Liese Sherwood-Fabre, Northern Lake Audio
  • The Girl in the Video– by Michael David Wilson, This is Horror
  • A Ritual of Bone: The Dead Sagas, Book 1 – by Lee C Conley, Wolves of Valour Publications
  • In Defense of Nuance – by Magnus Vinding
  • One Good GentlemanThe Marriage Maker, Book 5 – by Summer Hanford, Scarsdale Publishing/Silverton Agency
  • Shameless: The Marriage Maker, Book 6 – by Tarah Scott, Scarsdale Publishing/Silverton Agency
  • Redemption of a Marquess: The Marriage Maker, Book 7 – by Tarah Scott, Scarsdale Publishing/Silverton Agency
  • A Marriage of Necessity: The Marriage Maker, Book 8 – by Tarah Scott, Scarsdale Publishing/Silverton Agency
  • Bite-Sized Offerings: 31 Tales and Legends of the Zombie Apocalypse – Anthology, Mysti Holsinger-Stitt/Silverton Agency (Co-narration)
  • The Bond: Two Epic Climbs in Alaska and a Lifetime’s Connection Between Climbers – by Simon McCartney, Vertebrate Publishing
  • Water for Drowning – by Ray Cluley, This Is Horror
  • Shiva – by Simon Sloane, artemys
  • The Crusades: The World’s Debate – by Hilaire Belloc, Cavalier Books
  • Blood of New Beginnings The Primigenio Tales, Book 2 – by Alison Beightol, Schattenseite Books
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) For Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, and Panic Attacks – by James David Rockefeller, The Publisher, LLC
  • Garden of Life – byShalom Kolontarov
  • Sibyl: Seize the future…before she seizes you – by Simon Sloane, artemys
  • Warper: Echoes of Etangria – by Riley Tune, Riley O’Bryan Tune
  • How To Level Fast In WoW: Your Step-By-Step Guide To Leveling Your WoW Characters Fast From 1 to 85 Quickly, Easily, & Affordably – HowExpert Press, HowExpert
  • Life in Moonlight: The Primigenio Tales, book 1 – Alison Beightol, Schattenseite Books
  • Warper: Origins – by Riley Tune
  • Creepy Old House – by Frank C Chambers
  • A Journey Out of Madness – by Alistair McIntyre, Chipmunka Publishing
  • The Great Heresies – by Hilaire Belloc, Cavalier Books
  • A Journey into Madness – by Alistair McIntyre, Chipmunka Publishing

Voice Actor – Video Games

  • Simure Vikings – Aidan, Uthred the Bold, Bishop, Corrupt Landlord, Merchant, Bandit 1, England Minions B, England Minions C, England Minions D

Sound Designer – Audio Drama

  • Richard Carpenter’s Robin of Sherwood: The Templar’s Promise – by Iain Meadows, Spiteful Puppet
  • Other Colours – by Michael F. Russel, Shoreline of Infinity Soundwave
  • Republic of David – by Anton Rose, Shoreline of Infinity Soundwave
  • Audio Cascades: The Copper Cascade Chronicles – by Kneel Downe, DreamCage Media Group

Voice Actor – Audio Drama

  • Timing – as Arush –by Dipsea
  • When We Were Two – as Davey – by Fiona Thraille, Cooperantem Audio
  • Audio Cascades: The Copper Cascade Chronicles as All Characters –by Kneel Downe, DreamCage Media Group
  • A Real Job – as All Characters – by Alistair McIntyre, Alistair McIntyre

Voice Actor – Commercials

  • Bathtimes on Nick Jr Peppa Sponsored by Johnson’s – TV advert, Johnson & Johnson/Nickelodeon
  • Bathtimes on Nick Jr Too Sponsored by Johnson’s – TV advert, Johnson & Johnson/Nickelodeon
  • Voice Actor- Bathtimes on Nick Jr Sponsored by Johnson’s – TV advert, Johnson & Johnson/Nickelodeon
  • Surprizee – Web advert, Surprizee

Voice Actor – Video

  • Guaana Announcement – His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates and the Ruler of Dubai & Guaana Space Exploration Open Research
  • Realising the Value of People and Communities – Nesta
  • Bride of Frankenstein Retrospective – Disability in Horror Month – Popcorn Horror
  • Rebooting the ‘Resident Evil’ Movie Series – Popcorn Horror
  • Romeo’s Distress Review – Popcorn Horror
  • Life with Giants Video Game Trailer – Necron Studios
  • The Grand Vizier Video Game Trailer – Grand Vizier

Radio Broadcaster

  • Presenter – Metal Empire, Metal World Radio
  • Presenter – Metal Empire, Metal Nation Radio 
  • Arts and Culture Contributor – The Janice Forsyth Show, BBC Radio Scotland
  • Presenter – The RJ Bayley Rock Show, Castle FM Scotland & Links Radio
  • Presenter – City Talk, Castle FM Scotland
  • Broadcaster – 94.9 BBC Radio London
  • Broadcaster – TalkSport England
  • Broadcaster – TalkSport Scotland
  • Broadcaster – TalkSport London
  • Broadcaster – Smooth Devon
  • Broadcaster – Smooth Essex
  • Broadcaster – Travel Scotland Radio