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For most of the year Matt works at The Crystal Maze Live Experience in Manchester where he heads up a team of 50 actors which he has done for the past 3 years.

Matt is a highly respected pantomime performer and performs every year without fail!

During Matts early days in the industry he gained much experience in working with children and one of his main strengths is knowing how to keep children of all ages entertained through theatre. Through his work Matt has become a very skilled physical comedy actor which he has been able to adapt for a lot of future work he has performed.

Later in Matts career he went on to working on Cruise ships where he worked his way through the ranks and became a Cruise Director. 

Matt is becoming more and more skilled as a TV presenter having presented on The Holiday & Cruise Channel for many years, from this he was booked to work on an online advert for a Computer software company.

Matt has a great passion for children’s TV as he now has 2 young children and understands the importance childrens TV plays in their development.