Marion Fossett (Performer page)

Marion Fossett (Performer page)

About Marion Fossett (Performer page)

Marrion Fossett is the ringmaster of Fossett’s Circus, carrying on a family tradition that’s been going for generations. Her first appearance in the circus ring was when she was 18 months old, and she spent her childhood holidays on the road. But her home was in Blackrock, Co Dublin, and she has four siblings: Edward, Robert, Angela and Mona.

Her father, Tom was the ringmaster until shortly before his death in 1998. Her mother Herta is 82 years of age, and still travels with the circus. Marian represented Ireland at the Eurovision in 1981, as part of her band Sheeba, with Maxi and Frances Campbell. They released several singles in the 80s and went on a tour of Japan. After the band split, Marian returned to her first love: the circus, where she continues her work today.

And these are Marian Fossett’s musical heirlooms.