Lesley-Anne Fozzard (Celebrity Psychic)

Lesley-Anne Fozzard   (Celebrity Psychic)

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I am Lesley Fozzard From a young age I’ve always had the desire to improve my life. I’m very much a people person who has a zest for life, having a natural association with the camera I’ve enjoyed a varied career including modelling for Latics whilst in my 30’s, appearing as an extra in popular television programmes and most recently Housewives of Cheshire. I’m also blessed to have the gift of clairvoyance to the stars along with healing and many seek me out for guidance. I’m often asked to open shops, businesses and cleanse houses which gives me the greatest of pleasure. I’ve enjoyed a colourful and varied working life in sales, media and radio and my love for life is unfailing and tangible. At 62 I believe an acting career is my next step into fulfilling my life ambition.