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Michael and Paul Atwal-Brice Fathers to two sets of identical Twins Levi Lucas Lotan and Lance.

The Atwal-Brice Family are very unique and cover many specialist topics around Disabilities with their older twins Levi and Lucas suffering from Autism and Epilepsy they have built up a vast network of friends in the charity sector been ambassadors for Caudwell Children’s charity and My Afk charity’s working directly to help disabled children across the UK.

The family have appeared on various television programs including the highest-rated ‘ShopWell for less on BBC One, they often talk on national tv and radio discussing topics including Epilepsy, Autism, same-sex parenting, adoption and fostering and also take part in promotional videos for the above topics for various charities and organisations.

Paul as worked in performing for many years touring the USA for the hit production Spirit of the Dance and still performs to this day in Pantomime and commercial work, The family now focus on breaking down boundaries on disabilities and promoting equal rights.